Krav Maga is renowned as one of the most aggressive and advanced Self-Defense and Survival System of the Israeli Defense Forces found in the world! Certified instructors and affiliate schools are located all over the United States. Alpha Krav Maga International is dedicated to training men, women, children, law enforcement and military personnel to be able to fight and defend themselves and others, stand up for what is right, and to never become a victim!  All instructors are required to attend training events at one of our regional training centers quarterly to keep up-to-date on curriculum and to continue their training. We hold a very high standard for our instructors; thus,  the Alpha Krav Maga instructor certification process is selective, intensive and advanced.  When you train at an Alpha Krav Maga school you are getting the best training in world! Alpha Krav Maga Blueline Law Enforcement  Division has the honor of training Police, Federal Agents and Security personnel the skills needed to keep them and the people they protect in the safest way possible. Alpha Krav Maga is committed to the men and women who protect us day and night. 

Please explore our website and contact us with any questions about training, becoming an affiliate school, and attaining the prestigious Alpha Krav Maga certification for you or your organization.