“Self-Defense Training to Prepare You for the Fight of your Life”

Alpha Krav Maga International was founded by Head Coach Sam Sade with the purpose of keeping the community safe through the instruction of Alpha Krav Maga. Our team of expert coaches will help you and your staff learn the Alpha way. If you are a student, our goal is to give you the tools to keep you safe in a violent encounter. If you are a school owner, our goal is to help your program grow by providing a top-quality self-defense system that will keep your students engaged and active.


Alpha Krav Maga is renowned as one of the most effective, advanced reality based Self-Defense and Survival Systems of the Israeli Defense Forces found in the world! Certified instructors and affiliate schools are located all over the United States. Alpha Krav Maga International is dedicated to training men, women, children, law enforcement and military personnel to be able to fight and defend themselves and others, stand up for what is right, and to never become a victim! 

All instructors are required to attend training events at one of our regional training centers quarterly to keep up-to-date on curriculum and to continue their training. We hold a very high standard for our instructors; thus,  the Alpha Krav Maga instructor certification process is selective, intensive and advanced.  When you train at an Alpha Krav Maga school you are getting the best training in world! 

Alpha Krav Maga Blueline Law Enforcement  Division has the honor of training Police, Federal Agents and Security personnel the skills needed to keep them and the people they protect in the safest way possible. Alpha Krav Maga is committed to the men and women who protect us day and night. 

Please explore our website and contact us with any questions about training, becoming an affiliate school, and attaining the prestigious Alpha Krav Maga certification for you or your organization. 

We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you become a part of the ALPHA family. 

Meet Our Board of Directors

ABOUT sam sade – YOUR MASTER INSTRUCTOR and self-defense coach!

Head Coach Sam Sade –

Sam Sade was born and raised in Haifa, Israel in 1964. Life was not easy, as he grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country. From a very early age, he was required to learn how to defend himself and prevail. The theme of “Fight and Win” continues to guide him even today.

Upon completing high school, he joined the Israel Defense Forces and served as an Airborne Ranger in a front-line infantry division from 1983 to 1986. During that time he fought under extreme combat conditions in Lebanon for seven months, an indelible experience that forever changed his life.

After leaving the army, Sam became interested in Body Building. His passion led him to California where he trained for a year with a former Mr. California, Jim Redarsic, with the intention of returning to Israel to open his own fitness center. His gym was an overwhelming success, operating for more than a decade. During this period, Sam won the coveted Mr. Israel bodybuilding title two years running and represented his homeland in several international competitions. He’s proud to say that he trained two of Israel’s other winners of this national distinction.

With an eye toward higher education, Sam completed his Sports Education studies at The Wingate Institute, a renowned university, in addition to obtaining his degree in Alternative Nutritional Studies at The University of Haifa.

At the age of 31, with much street experience under his belt, but no formal training, Sam decided to pursue Krav Maga, the oldest Mixed Martial Art presently in use. Originally developed for the IDF in 1948, Krav Maga is a hard-hitting compilation of advanced conflict resolution methods and several fighting technologies including Western-style Boxing, Thai Boxing, Grappling and Wrestling. It follows some very basic principles: defend and immediately counter-attack from a position of disadvantage, use the natural contours of instinct, and eliminate the threat by any and all means, “So that one can walk in peace”. Heavy emphasis is placed on the use of small arms including rifles, pistols, edged weapons, sticks and batons, both offensively and defensively. Sam was the first person in Israel to receive his Black Belt after ONLY 2 1/2 years of training.

He has taught thousands of civilian students and has provided “force training” to several military and paramilitary groups and agencies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the LAPD, the Air Marshals Service, the Secret Service and various police organizations around the country.


Sam Sade
Master Instructor / Head Coach

George Buruian
Board Member

Master Buruian Holds a Master 1 ranking. He is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Alpha Krav Maga, 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, and was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame in 2014.

Master George began boxing at a very early age which set him down the path towards Taekwondo , kickboxing and MMA. He was a member of Romanian National Team for several years before eventually becoming Head Coach of Romanian National Team and Romanian Olympic Team from 1997-2000.

Bert Witte
Board Member

Owner and Chief Instructor Bert Witte has 30 plus years of martial arts experience and has been instruction martial arts since 1995. Shihan Bert Witte is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Bu Kyoku Ryu Karate, founding board member of Alpha Krav Maga International and holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Alpha Krav Maga, awarded by Sam Sade, founder of Alpha Krav Maga International. Bert is also a 5th Degree Black Belt in Degerberg International Blended Martial Arts, a prestigious martial arts group made up of the United States most prominent senior martial artists.

Bert has served as a “train the trainer” expert for various municipal law enforcement agencies, military combatives trainers, individual trainer for many federal law enforcement agents and also provides executive protection services for prominent clients in the Chicagoland area.

Dennis Amato
Board Member

Dennis Amato was a personal trainer for 15 years, educating his clients in physical fitness and nutrition. In 1999, he began his training in Krav Maga and earned his instructor status in June of 2000, and soon after; opened the first Krav Maga school in New England.

Since then, Dennis has taught hundreds of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement personnel throughout New England and received an honorable certificate of appreciation from the ATF in Boston for his dedication to training their officers. Along with training civilians and law enforcement personnel, Dennis has also trained several military units prior to their deployment to active duty.

Dennis is now the owner of Test, Inc. and is on the board of directors of Alpha Krav Maga International, where he conducts instructor certification courses all around the country.

Jamie Arute
Board Member

Mr. Jamie Arute,  Chief Instructor of Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut Northeast Regional Training Center, is one of the three people in the World responsible for training, testing and certifying instructors and affiliate schools. Mr. Arute has trained and taught in the Martial Arts for over 30 years, achieving proficiency in Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo and weaponry. With the passionate belief that all individuals need the ability to defend their safety and freedom, Mr. Arute’s vision was to provide a family-friendly environment where people of all ages, sizes, and abilities could gain the necessary physical and mental skills to overcome dangerous situations. With this mission in mind, Mr. Arute opened the doors to his Cheshire, Connecticut Martial Arts studio in 2008.
In 2012, Mr. Arute’s unique school was invited to act as the Northeast Regional Training Center of Alpha Krav Maga International. Alpha Krav Maga was founded by internationally recognized Instructor Sam Sade; His team of coaches and training centers include the most talented and influential instructors and studio owners in the world. Mr. Arute has the honor of being one of only three that train, test and certify all the Alpha Krav Maga International Instructors and Schools around the world and is on the Board of Directors for Alpha Krav Maga International.

Jack Marshall
Board Member

Jack Marshall was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He had an early interest in boxing and martial arts which were becoming popular at that time. He trained at the local YMCA in both Judo and boxing while living in Chicago for several years. When Jack returned to Massachusetts, he continued boxing in Boston’s neighborhood gyms.

After graduating from High School, Jack Marshall enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served honorably for four years as a combat engineer in the Second Marine Air Wing. At the end of his enlistment period in the USMC, he returned to Boston and worked as a commercial fisherman out of Boston Harbor. When in port, Jack spent many hours training in professional boxing gyms in South Boston, sparring hundreds of rounds with professional fighters, and assisting them in preparing for upcoming bouts. Jack also began training in Tae Kwon Do and competed regularly in matches around the northeast. He also formed and operated a successful security firm providing for the security needs of major event venues and worked extensively as executive protection on a national level. He has always had an interest in fitness and nutrition and is a seasoned triathlete and marathoner who ranked 12th in New England in 1996. Jack Marshall is a Nationally Ranked Athlete with USAT (2016).

His interest and support of his community is evidenced by his volunteer coaching of the boxing program at the local Boys and Girls Club as well as counseling youth and adults with substance abuse issues. Jack became a Krav Maga Instructor in 2000 and has trained with many of the top Krav Maga coaches across the United States including Sam Sade, Emir Perets, Bas Ruten, Darren Levine, and Ernie Kirk.

Along with teaching Krav Maga, Jack is a master carpenter, woodcarver, and cabinet maker. He owns and operates his successful business in southeastern Massachusetts. Jack is married and lives with his family on Cape Cod.

Steve Sohn
Board Member

Born in The Bronx, New York in 1949, Mr. Sohn has been studying Martial Arts since 1975 and holds Black Belts in various systems. Steve Sohn’s Krav Maga, which opened in 1990, is considered to be one of the most successful and unique Martial Arts Training Centers in the country. One look at the variety of training and education Mr. Sohn has and you can see why. He is one of the elite Instructors in the nation to be a Certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor. A retired New York City Instrumental Music Instructor, School District Coordinator and Elementary School Principal, and holds several degrees – an A.A.S. degree in Music, a B.S. in Music, M.S. in Administration and Supervision and a M.S. in Media and Television Technology. 

Mr. Sohn has been a guest lecturer and motivational speaker at various Martial Arts Business Conventions both nationally and internationally. In 2007 Mr. Sohn solidified The Krav Maga Training Center’s status and legacy in the Krav Maga community when it became one of six schools in the entire world to be designated a Regional Training Center. In 2009 Steve Sohn became one of the few people, and the oldest, in the country to earn his Black Belt in Krav Maga. At the time that he received his Black Belt there were less than 100 people in the country to have the distinguished honor of earning the rank of Black Belt. He was tested by Krav Maga Chief Instructor Darren Levine and Kokushi Matsumoto, the Krav Maga Worldwide Head Instructor in Japan. In 2013 Steve Sohn was earned the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt 2nd Dan from Krav Maga Worldwide Chief Instructor Darren Levine He is currently a private student of UFC and BJJ Legend Ricardo Almeida. Professor Almeida is a retired UFC and Pride Middle Weight Champion and one of the world’s leading authority on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

About Krav Maga Founder Imi Lichtenfeld

Lichtenfeld was born on May 26, 1910, to a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest[5] in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He grew up in Pressburg (Pozsony, today’s Bratislava). His family moved to Bratislava, where his father, Samuel Lichtenfeld, was a chief inspector on the Bratislava police force and a former circus acrobat.[6] Lichtenfeld trained at the Hercules Gymnasium, which was owned by his father, who taught self-defense.

Lichtenfeld was a successful boxerwrestler, and gymnast since his youth.[4] He competed at national and international levels and was a champion and member of the Slovak National Wrestling Team.[7] In 1928, he won the Slovak Youth Wrestling Championship, and in 1929, the adult championship in the light and middleweight divisions. That year, he also won the national boxing championship and an international gymnastics championship.[citation needed

In the late 1930s, anti-Semitic riots threatened the Jewish population of Bratislava. Together with other Jewish boxers and wrestlers, Lichtenfeld helped to defend his Jewish neighborhood against racist gangs. He quickly decided that sport has little in common with real combat and began developing a system of techniques for practical self-defense in life-threatening situations.[8][9]

In 1935, Lichtenfeld visited Palestine with a team of Jewish wrestlers to participate in the Maccabi games but could not participate because of a broken rib that resulted from his training while en route. This led to the fundamental Krav Maga precept, ‘do not get hurt’ while training. Lichtenfeld returned to Czechoslovakia to face increasing anti-Semitic violence. Lichtenfeld organized a group of young Jews to protect his community. On the streets, he acquired hard won experience and the crucial understanding of the differences between sport fighting and street fighting. He developed his fundamental self-defense principle: ‘use natural movements and reactions’ for defense, combined with an immediate and decisive counterattack. From this evolved the refined theory of ‘simultaneous defense and attack’ while ‘never occupying two hands in the same defensive movement.’[10][11][12]

In 1940, Lichtenfeld fled the rise of Nazism in Slovakia, heading for Palestine on the Aliyah Bet vessel, Pencho, which shipwrecked on the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea. He reached Palestine in 1942 after serving with distinction in the British supervised Free Czechoslovak Legion in North Africa.[13] The Haganah‘s leaders immediately recognized Lichtenfeld’s fighting prowess and ingenuity. In 1944 Lichtenfeld[14] began training fighters in his areas of expertise: physical fitness, swimming, wrestling, use of the knife, and defenses against knife attacks. During this period, Lichtenfeld trained several elite units of the Haganah and Palmach (striking force of the Haganah and forerunner of the special units of the IDF), including the Pal-yam, as well as groups of police officers. In 1948, when the State of Israel was founded and the IDF was formed, Lichtenfeld became Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness. He served in the IDF for about 20 years, during which time he developed and refined his unique method for self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. After he finished his active duty,Lichtenfeld began adapting and modifying Krav Maga to civilian needs.[citation needed]

The method was formulated to suit everyone – man and woman, boy or girl, who might need it to save his or her life or survive an attack while sustaining minimal harm, whatever the background of the attack – criminal, nationalistic, or other. To disseminate his method, Lichtenfeld established two training centers, one in Tel Aviv and the other in Netanya.[citation needed]

*this information credited to wikipedia

Our Company Overview

Alpha Krav Maga is a new breed of Israeli Self-Defense, fighting and fitness. The significance of the company’s name is derived from biblical reference and symbolism relating to Alpha and Omega and their key placement as the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.

The brand Alpha Krav Maga has come to represent the basic and essential elements of something much larger; part beginning, end, and everything in between. Alpha Krav Maga is a unique, rapidly expanding and ever-evolving Israeli Self Defense System designed to empower people of all walks of life. Through the seamless integration of Mind, Body and Soul, Alpha Krav Maga International takes Self-Defense and Fitness to the next level.

Our Mission

Alpha Krav Maga’s Israeli Self-Defense System will teach you how to earn a Black Belt in Life. While other Krav Maga systems are very technique-focused, Alpha Krav Maga’s System combines up-to-date, relevant and devastatingly-effective self-defense techniques currently used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) with elements just as important to our students’ overall well-being, such as private, personalized coaching, nutritional recommendations, supplemental fitness advice and top-of-the-industry Instructor-Training for those who are interested in following that path.

Sam Sade, Founder/Owner of Alpha Krav Maga International only trains realistic, tried-and-tested self-defense techniques proven to be effective in people of all shapes and sizes, irrespective of age, gender, current fitness level or previous combat experience. No matter what your individual training goals are, you are the perfect candidate to join us in any of our rapidly-expanding number of schools nationwide.

A Word On Krav Maga

The Hebrew term Krav Maga literally means “Contact Combat.” Originally developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1948, Krav Maga is a hard-hitting, simple to use system of advanced conflict resolution methods and several fighting techniques including Western-style boxing,Thai-boxing, grappling, and wrestling that continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its practitioners.

It follows some very basic principles: Defend and immediately counterattack from a position of disadvantage, use the natural contours of instinct, and eliminate the threat by any and all means, “So that one may walk in peace.”



Alpha Krav Maga is complete fighting and fitness. The system was created by owner Master Sam Sade, a former soldier in the IDF and Mr. Israel.  Alpha Krav Maga is a unique International Based Business Enterprise. It is designed to ultimately serve the personal development needs of thousands of people across the world, through integration of Mind-Body-Soul, through a self-defense and fitness approach never used before.

Our aim is to teach our students how to earn a black belt in life. Motivational and inspirational advice will combine cutting edge, nutritional guidance – and with Krav Maga, Israel’s Pre-eminent Martial Art – a total experience for our students. Our ultimate goal is to teach each of them how to break out of mediocrity, awaken their hidden hero, and live up to their God-given potential. Anyone who desires real change and is willing to commit to action is a candidate for our training curriculum. Doctors, homemakers, police officers, teachers, troubled teens, battered women, and the average Joe, represent only a small group of individuals we intend on supporting.

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