My name is John Roberts, and I have been training in martial arts for 20 years.  I am a 4th degree black belt in American Karate, and own a school in Lambertville, Michigan.  Over the years I have worked hard to find, and train in, practical self-defense and when I started training with Sam in Alpha Krav Maga I immediately knew I made the right choice.

Working with AKMI drives me to be a better martial artist and helps me to not only keep my skill sharp, but pushes me to learn more. I have trained in other Krav styles in the past, but it is Alpha’s constant mentality to grow and develop the best strategies for modern self-defense that sets them apart.

As a school owner being a part of this family is invaluable.  Not only will it help to spark more growth with teen and adult students, but it also ensure that you are bringing the best possible skills to the people who count on you to help them learn how to stay safe.

-John Roberts / All American Karate

Alpha Krav Maga International has been a tremendous organization to be a part of. It is a first for me where the founder and CEO, Sam Sade, personally gets engaged with each and every member and is actively involved in training and advancement of all participants. It has been a pleasure to become part of an extended network of professional practitioners with a common goal of not only offering the best material in the field but also raising the bar of professionalism in business operations.

Sam Sade is intent on staying on the cutting edge of what is most effective and practical in the industry and his expertise is second to none. Since adding Alpha Krav Maga to my program, my adult student body has doubled and helps retention of current, veteran students of my other programs as well. It is with pride that I am associated with such an affiliation that has become a band of family.

-II Nam Yang / Master Yang’s Martial Arts Center 

Steve Sohn has been training Martial Arts for 43 years. Traditional systems like Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Japanese Jujitsu and earning Black Belts in all those systems.
Understanding the lack of self defense provided by those systems, he turned to the best, Krav Maga. Beginning with his first lesson he met and began a long relationship with Master Sam Sade. Sam is a unique instructor who gave him the tools not only to be a good practitioner of the Krav Maga system but an instructor who recognizes the intricate movements to make students into excellent, intelligent Black Belts. Sam’s attention to detail and reality training is highly respected by the Krav Maga community.
With in the last few years, Sam has grown the Alpha Krav Maga brand to be a force in the community providing top shelf instruction to Alpha’s many schools throughout the country. Reliable and accessible, you’ll find the Alpha system addressing the most dangerous situations with realistic responses that work. Sam Sade and the Alpha Team are highly recommended and I’m proud to have been taught by Sam all these years.
-Steve Sohn / Steve Sohn’s Krav Maga Training Center

My name is David Eaton, Jr. and I’m the Co-owner of Alpha Krav Maga Boston South Coast located in New Bedford, MA. Prior to becoming an Alpha Krav Maga International affiliate, my school had been involved with several other organizations. While I was relatively happy with the relationship i had with these organizations, I felt like there was something missing.

It wasn’t until I became an Alpha affiliate that I realized what I was missing. I was missing that sense of family and the organization’s commitment to the success of my school. Sam Sade treated with like family the first time I met him and has been committed to the success of my school ever since. It says a lot about a CEO when he will call me just to say hello, ask how my family is doing, and ask if there is anything he can do to help my school.

Many organizations can talk about “family” and the
“brotherhood/sisterhood”  of their organization being important, but Sam applies it. Sam’s resume and experience speaks for himself, but it’s the personal qualities that make Alpha Krav Maga International special. Sam’s attention to detail and continued desire to better himself is contagious and a motivating factor for school owners like myself to emulate.

When you join Alpha Krav Maga, you automatically join a national organization of top notch Instructors with years of experience and knowledge. The list of Instructors that have helped me has been amazing! From Sam Sade, to George and Diana Buruian, to Bert Witte, to Dennis Amato and Karen Armado, to JW Wright, to Jim Klauba, to John Tiano, to Jack Marshall, to Pat Carty and the list goes on!

Becoming an Alpha affiliate was the best decision for my school and for my students. It has enabled me to provide the most realistic Krav Maga training available to my students and has given me a nationwide chain of friends that I can reach out to at any time for help, and they’ll be there for me.

David Eaton, Jr. / Alpha Krav Maga Boston South Coast

Being an Alpha Krav Maga affiliate is more than just another affiliate program for professional martial arts school owners, its a FAMILY. Trust me, call right now to get more info and then come back and read this.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about Krav Maga in the United States, Krav Maga as a fad and Alpha Krav Maga with Sam Sade.


My name is Bert Witte, i am the Owner of Buffalo Grove Martial Arts and Alpha Krav Maga Buffalo Grove in Buffalo Grove IL. I have been teaching Krav Maga since 1999 when I first was certified to become an instructor. Sam Sade was my first coach and when I started training with him I knew he was not only a top instructor in the world of Krav Maga, I also knew that he was a good person. He not only cares about what he teaches, but also ensures that you comprehend what is being taught. This dedication to his craft and my dedication to teaching quickly led us to becoming good friends.

As I continued to train with Sam in my Krav Maga career as an instructor and school owner, I not only became a better Krav Maga instructor and coach, I became a much better martial artist and self defense practitioner adding to my martial arts skills I already had and self defense knowledge.
Over the years the Krav Maga landscape in the United States saw a change. As a result of this change, many different Krav Maga organizations sprang up. At the same time, organizations became more focused on the fitness aspect of the Krav Maga style of training as a “fad”, and got away from from what Krav Maga literally means, Contact Fight or Contact Combat.
Seeing that this change was watering down the system that Sam lived and breathed, he knew an alternative needed to be developed. As I said earlier, Sam and I became friends and eventually becoming close friends. Sam came out to my location in Buffalo Grove Illinois in 2011, to conduct a seminar with many like minded Krav Maga coaches and friends from across the country, equally disenfranchised in the direction Krav Maga was being presented and taught in the current market. This seminar led us to train and share our thoughts of the current climate. Out of this event, Alpha Krav Maga was born, literally that day in my basement.
Our first group consisted of 5 schools. Here in the Chicago-land area, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our schools were establishing a foothold in our markets and become well known for our type of Krav Maga training. This word quickly spread to other school owners who knew the allure of Krav Maga as an additional training avenue that would add credible self defense curriculum to their schools curriculum. We soon added 3 more school, then 5 more schools and then on to the present number of 30+ schools across the country. 
Our training schedule has school owners and instructors train together as a team. This environment has created friendships among our members that has been a tremendous bonus. There are no egos in the room. Everyone knows that they are there to train in something special and be a part of a greater “Family”. As we train together we also discuss trends in the markets. Share ideas on how to better ourselves and our schools. 
So, your here looking for a new program to offer your students and to generate new members for your school. Not only will you do that by becoming an Alpha Krav Maga affiliate, you will also begin to develop yourself as a better martial artist and gain a “Family” of like minded school owners.
Please feel free to contact me at 847-215-8333 if you have any questions about our great programs and family of affiliates.
– Burt Witte / Buffalo Grove Martial Arts